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The Upper Mississippi River, engineered for river navigation in the 1930s, includes a series of low-head dams and navigation pools receiving elevated sediment and nutrient loads from the mostly agricultural basin. Using high-resolution, spatially resolved water quality sensor measurements along 1385 river kilometers, we show that primary productivity and organic matter accumulation affect river carbon dioxide and methane emissions to the atmosphere. Phytoplankton drive CO2to near or below atmospheric equilibrium during the growing season, while anaerobic carbon oxidation supports a large proportion of the CO2 and CH4 production. Reductions of suspended sediment load, absent of dramatic reductions in nutrients, will...
Our research focuses on assessing the components of the Net Ecoystem Carbon Balance using the eddy covariance approach to measure atmospheric fluxes of heat, energy, carbon dioxide and methane and testing equipment and techniques to measure the tidal exchange of dissolved organic (DOC) and inorganic carbon (DIC). The atmospheric flux tower is located south of Solano Land Trust's Rush Ranch, a working ranch encompassing 2,070 acres of marsh and rolling grasslands that provides both recreational and educational experiences for the public ( Lateral fluxes are being collected at the San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve First Mallard water quality station...

    map background search result map search result map Suisun Marsh, CA:  Net Ecosystem Carbon Balance Suisun Marsh, CA:  Net Ecosystem Carbon Balance