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Coal Analysis reports from various coal companies in Indiana; Ayrshire Collieries, AMAX Coal Company, Fossil Fuel Mining, Consolidation Coal Company, with a few additional files from smaller companies.
As coal companies closed business in Indiana many times they deposited their records at the Indiana Geological Survey (IGS). The records in most cases were delivered in boxes or full filing cabinets without documentation. The IGS has preliminarily sorted through the records filing them by company and if possible county or Township-Range to make them discoverable. The records can contain anything from maps, analysis, logs with or without picks, descriptions, correspondence, etc.
This collection includes folders that contain coal chemical data from Indiana, collected before 1990. This collection is publicly accessible.
Memorandum Reports, Reports, Thesis, & Dissertations collected by the Indiana Geological Survey Coal Section from 1924-1989. Many are products of the staff.
Indiana Geological Survey coal analysis sample locations plotted on USGS 7.5-minute quadrangles for Indiana. Points correlate to IGS Coal Analysis either in red binders or copied to the Indiana Geological Survey Coal Quality Database, Report of Progress 40, 2012.
Preliminary data for Indiana Geological Survey (IGS) Bulletin 55, Reduction of Sulfur in Indiana Coal by Washability Techniques, Charles E Wier and Harold C Hutchison, 1977. Fifteen 1-ton bulk samples of Indiana coal were studied in detail by the IGS in an attempt to reduce the sulfur content. Sulfide, sulfate, organic sulfur, and total sulfur were determined for each fractional sample of coal obtained by screening and float-sink methods.

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