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Work maps at a 7.5-minute quadrangle scale and materials for Special Report 06 publication of the Indiana Geological Survey by Richard L Powell, 1972
Maps related to USGS Circular 266: Spencer F.J., 1953, Coal Resources of Indiana; Mylar table of historical coal names; Coal Reserves 1965 multipage table
Photocopies of mine maps and data sheets with some film of mines used to compile the Indiana Coal Mine Information System (CMIS) which is a publicly accessible online map viewer ( for historical coal mining information in Indiana.
Coal reference system involving Illinois, Indiana, & Kentucky Geological Surveys and coordinated by Indiana University's School of Public and Invironmental Affairs (SPEA). The Indiana Geological Survey updated and compiled maps in the coal-producing part of Indiana to meet planner's needs including a summary of coal information useful for planning. Information provided included surface-mined areas, abandoned underground mines, and coal resource maps for the Seelyville, Springfield, and Danville coals.
Coal and overburden isopach maps for Pike County, Indiana, primarily drafted on 7.5-minute quadrangles. Additional illustrations and figures for a publication that has not been identified at this time by current staff.
Coal information for the state of Indiana. Mine reports are filed by county, 7.5-minute quadrangles contain rough mine extents, and coal production records gathered from various sources such as the US Office of Surface Mining and US Bureau of Mines contain mine and seam information. The information was gathered by the Indiana Geological Survey to use in their Coal Mine Directory.
Deep coal mines in Indiana plotted on 7.5-minute quadrangles defining mine extent, mine name, and sometime the coal seam.
Permit and Mine Checks completed by the Indiana Department of Reclamation. The permits contain the company, contact information, and general mine statistics. The mine checks center on mine name, contact information, equipment use, and activity. The forms are filed by permit number and county.
Work maps and materials used to compile the various Preliminary Coal Series Maps that represents a county reconnaissance-type mapping of the distribution, structure, and mined areas of coal in Indiana. The various forms of data including maps, tables and cross-sections are sorted by county.
Work materials for Donald Carr, Indiana Geological Survey industrial minerals geologist, illustrations and negatives, photos, film, maps, and data.
Structure, isopach, and approximate resource maps with located active and abandoned oil wells for Clay County, Indiana. The mylars have a 7.5-minute quadrangle scaled base. Information was drafted by Chris Shubert of the Indiana Geological Survey , 1985.
Abandoned underground coal mines with mine extent defined on 7.5-minute quadrangles and accompanying mylar. Mines labeled with US Bureau of Mine number, coal member and mine extent. Data collected by Licia A Weber and Walter A Hasenmueller at the Indiana Geological Survey.
Tables of active coal mines in Indiana providing information such as the company name, mine name, mine location, tipple location, remarks/products. The charts range from 1960-1977.
The Coal Mine Information System (CMIS) for Indiana is a publicly accessible online map viewer ( for historical coal mining information in Indiana. This collection contains paper copies of the mine maps collected.
Coal Investigation Maps (CIM), work maps and materials used to compile the various coal investigation maps showing geology and coal deposits within a 7.5-minute quadrangle mapping area for Indiana.