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Indiana Geological Survey (IGS) Indiana coal quality paper records numbered by year 1954-1989 archived in red binders. These records are available in an electronic format through IGS publication Report of Progress 40, The Indiana Coal Quality Database: The Database and Interactive Map, by Agnieszka Drobniak and Maria Mastalerz, 2012.
As coal companies closed business in Indiana many times they deposited their records at the Indiana Geological Survey (IGS). The records in most cases were delivered in boxes or full filing cabinets without documentation. The IGS has preliminarily sorted through the records filing them by company and if possible county or Township-Range to make them discoverable. The records can contain anything from maps, analysis, logs with or without picks, descriptions, correspondence, etc.
Photocopies of mine maps and data sheets with some film of mines used to compile the Indiana Coal Mine Information System (CMIS) which is a publicly accessible online map viewer ( for historical coal mining information in Indiana.
Memorandum Reports, Reports, Thesis, & Dissertations collected by the Indiana Geological Survey Coal Section from 1924-1989. Many are products of the staff.
Coal information for the state of Indiana. Mine reports are filed by county, 7.5-minute quadrangles contain rough mine extents, and coal production records gathered from various sources such as the US Office of Surface Mining and US Bureau of Mines contain mine and seam information. The information was gathered by the Indiana Geological Survey to use in their Coal Mine Directory.
Work maps and materials used to compile the various Preliminary Coal Series Maps that represents a county reconnaissance-type mapping of the distribution, structure, and mined areas of coal in Indiana. The various forms of data including maps, tables and cross-sections are sorted by county.
Indiana Geological Survey coal section field notebooks (brown set). Notebooks could be by geographic area primarily a county, by geologist or field assistant, or possibly by date.
Coal drilling records turned over to the Indiana Geological Survey (IGS) from Peabody Coal Company for Indiana. The IGS has not reviewed content.
Indiana Geological Survey (IGS) Coal analysis paper records numbered by year from 1956 to 1985 in long box for archive. These records were originally made electronic through IGS publication Computer Database 1 (CDB1), Indiana Coal Analysis Database, by Walter A Hasenmueller and Louis V Miller, 1992
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Tables of active coal mines in Indiana providing information such as the company name, mine name, mine location, tipple location, remarks/products. The charts range from 1960-1977.

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