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We examined the chemical reactions influencing dissolved concentrations, speciation, and transport of naturally occurring arsenic (As) in a shallow, sand and gravel aquifer with distinct geochemical zones resulting from land disposal of dilute sewage effluent. The principal geochemical zones were: (1) the uncontaminated zone above the sewage plume [350 µM dissolved oxygen (DO), pH 5.9]; (2) the suboxic zone (5 µM DO, pH 6.2, elevated concentrations of sewage-derived phosphate and nitrate); and (3) the anoxic zone [dissolved iron(II) 100–300 µM, pH 6.5–6.9, elevated concentrations of sewage-derived phosphate]. Sediments are comprised of greater than 90% quartz but the surfaces of quartz and other mineral grains are...
This data set includes geospatial data and tables providing location, environmental, and vegetation data collected in 2017 and 2018 at the Little Saint Francis River chat pile restoration site, Fredericktown, Madison County, Missouri. Restoration actions are being implemeneted as part of the settlement for the Madison County Mines Superfund site to compensate the public for losses of natural resources and the services they provide as part of the Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Southeast Missouri Lead Mining District case. Data were collected prior to and during the early stages of restoration actions to restore bottomland forest habitat, reduce invasive plant species abundance, and improve upland...
Semi-Permeable Membrane Devices (SPMDs) were deployed for approximately 2 weeks at Palmyra Atoll during October and November, 2008. SPMDs passively accumulate organic compounds from the aquatic enviroment, and are then analyzed for various organic compounds. The deployment date, reasons for selecting the particular site, and photograph numbers as links are indicated.

map background search result map search result map SPMD samples Palmyra Atoll 2008 Pre-restoration vegetation data, Little Saint Francis River chat pile site, Missouri, USA, 2017 and 2018 Pre-restoration vegetation data, Little Saint Francis River chat pile site, Missouri, USA, 2017 and 2018 SPMD samples Palmyra Atoll 2008