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The Pima County Information Technology Department is pleased to introduce PimaMaps, Pima County's next generation web mapping system that will eventually replace the current MapGuide system. The Main MapGuide Map, will remain available for a substantial amount of time while PimaMaps is fully implemented. While MapGuide has been a very reliable web mapping system for many years, it is no longer supported by Autodesk. PimaMaps is based on new technology, provides a more robust and modern interface comparable to Google and Bing, and offers a richer set of functionality beyond what is available with MapGuide. This version of PimaMaps has the following functionality and enhancements that are not available with MapGuide:...
What are current conditions for important park natural resources? What are the critical data and knowledge gaps? What are some of the factors that are influencing park resource conditions? Natural Resource Condition Assessments (NRCAs) evaluate and report on the above for a subset of important natural resources in national park units (hereafter, parks). Focal study resources and indicators are selected on a park-by-park basis, guided by use of structured resource assessment and reporting frameworks. Considerations include park resource setting and enabling legislation (what are this park's most important natural resources?) and presently available data and expertise (what can be evaluated at this time?). In addition...

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