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To support Hurricane Florence impact modeling of storm-induced flooding and sediment transport, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Coastal National Elevation Database (CoNED) Applications Project has created an integrated 1-meter topobathymetric digital elevation model (TBDEM) for coastal Georgia. High-resolution coastal topobathymetric data are required to characterize flooding, storms, and sea-level rise inundation hazard zones and other earth science applications, such as the development of sediment transport and storm surge models. This TBDEM consists of the best available multi-source topographic and bathymetric elevation data for Coastal Georgia including neighboring bays, estuaries, waterways, inlets, and...
Tags: 3D Elevation Program, 3DEP, Bathymetric, Bathymetry, CoNED, All tags...

    map background search result map search result map Topobathymetric Model of Coastal Georgia, 1851 to 2020 Topobathymetric Model of Coastal Georgia, 1851 to 2020