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The Integrated Scenarios of the Future Northwest Environment project (an FY2012 NW CSC funded project), resulted in several datasets describing projected changes in climate, hydrology and vegetation for the 21st century over the Northwestern US. The raw data is available in netCDF format, which is a standard data file format for weather forecasting/climate change/GIS applications. However, the sheer size of these datasets and the specific file format (netCDF) for data access pose significant barriers to data access for many users. This is a particular challenge for many natural/cultural resource managers and others working on conservation efforts in the Pacific Northwest. The goal of this project was to increase...
Lakes in Wisconsin are getting warmer, and fish communities are changing as a result. Learn more by visiting where you can read more detailed information about the study’s findings, and examine predictions for individual lakes throughout Wisconsin with an interactive map.
Ecological models are needed to facilitate evaluation and assessment of alternative approaches to restore Greater Everglades ecosystems. However, the provision of useful and accessible models is a challenge because there is often a disconnect between model developers and model users. Joint Ecosystem Modeling (JEM) was established to meet this challenge, with the goal of getting ecological models into the hands of users. JEM is a partnership among federal and state agencies, universities and other organizations which is currently funded by the USGS Priority Ecosystem Science program, the Everglades National Park, and the Peninsular Florida Landscape Conservation Cooperative. Under the collaborative umbrella of JEM,...

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