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Mitochondrial DNA markers have elucidated patterns of connectivity between green turtle nesting populations (rookeries) and juveniles foraging in neritic nursery habitats. However, missing rookery baseline data and haplotype sharing among populations have often impeded inferences, including ascertaining origins of Gulf of Mexico juveniles. We sequenced the mitochondrial control region and additional informative mitogenomic single nucleotide polymorphisms of juveniles foraging in Port Fourchon, Louisiana (LA, n = 127) and Santa Rosa Island, Florida (SRI, n = 47). We collected additional genetic data for previously characterized neritic aggregations in southern Texas (TX, n = 167), St. Joseph Bay, Florida (SJB, n...

    map background search result map search result map Green turtle genetics in the Gulf of Mexico, 2006-2019 Green turtle genetics in the Gulf of Mexico, 2006-2019