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On an island largely devoid of native vertebrate seed dispersers, we monitored forest succession for seven years following ungulate exclusion from a 5-hectare area and adjacent plots with ungulates still present. The study site was in northern Guam on Andersen Air Force Base (13°37’N, 144°51’E) and situated on a coralline limestone plateau. We established 22 plots and six 0.25-m2 subplots to measure trees and understory canopy. Data were collected in February or March, during the dry season from 2005-2011.
Elk browsing and conifer species mixing with aspen (Populus tremuloides Michx.) present current challenges to aspen forest management in the western United States. We evaluated the effects of conifers and elk browsing on quaking aspen stands in and near Rocky Mountain National Park using tree rings to reconstruct patterns of aspen establishment, growth, and mortality over the past 120 years. High conifer encroachment and elk browse were both associated with decreased aspen recruitment, with mean recruitment dropping over 30% from pure aspen to mixed stands and over 50% from low-browse to high-browse stands. Maximum aspen recruitment was lower in mixed stands than in pure stands with the same tree basal area. High...
The data are input data files to run the forest simulation model Landis-II for Isle Royale National Park. Files include: a) Initial_Comm, which includes the location of each mapcode, b) Cohort_ages, which includes the ages for each tree species-cohort within each mapcode, c) Ecoregions, which consist of different regions of soils and climate, d) Ecoregion_codes, which define the ecoregions, and e) Species_Params, which link the potential establishment and growth rates for each species with each ecoregion.

    map background search result map search result map Input data to run Landis-II Dataset: Forest growth in and around an ungulate enclosure on Northern Guam, 2005-2011 Dataset: Forest growth in and around an ungulate enclosure on Northern Guam, 2005-2011 Input data to run Landis-II