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Abstract (from While recent work demonstrates that glacial meltwater provides a substantial and relatively labile flux of the micronutrient iron to oceans, the role of high-latitude estuary environments as a potential sink of glacial iron is unknown. Here we present the first quantitative description of iron removal in a meltwater-dominated estuary. We find that 85% of “dissolved” Fe is removed in the low-salinity region of the estuary along with 41% of “total dissolvable” iron associated with glacial flour. We couple these findings with hydrologic and geochemical data from Gulf of Alaska (GoA) glacierized catchments to calculate meltwater-derived...
Sugar cane cropping for biofuel production reduces water discharge from a northern Indian basin and threatens downstream communities. Regulators want to partition blame between climate change—induced declines in mountain snowpack and excessive evaporation from poorly managed fields. In the same basin, a tiger is found shot. Is it the nuisance animal that has been tormenting local communities, or is it a different animal poached from the upland forests?