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map background search result map search result map Old Dominion 15 Level Map Copper Hill Claim Map Old Dominion 14 Level Map Gowan Verde Falls Gold Mining Company Property Map Globe District Mining Claims Copper Cities Comparison of Ore and Waste Estimated With Ore and Waste Mined for Completed Level Regal Asbestos Mine Cross Sections Superior and Boston Copper Company Geologic Cross Section Bluebird Mine, Sections A-B and C-D Snakebit Uranium Claims Gila and Salt River Meridian, Arizona, Township 5 North, Range 14 East Van Dyke Copper Company Assay Map of North 3,4, and 5 Raises and Sublevels Grandview Claims No. 4 and 5, Plan and Sections Christmas Mine 790 Sub-level Christmas Fault Plan - 300 Level Ajax Claims, Surface Map, No. 5C Old Dominion Map to Accompany Estimate of Ore Reserve 12 Level Claim Map Lonesome Pine & Esther Groups Christmas Plan and Section Through Diamond Drill Hole 16 Miami Copper Topographic Plan