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The Appalachian Mountains provide a multitude of habitats that are essential for hundreds of breeding, migrant, and wintering bird species. Its rugged terrain is dominated by forest and woodlands that span 15 states and contain several major eastern rivers that are heavily relied upon by waterfowl. But historical and current land-use changes, environmental disturbances, and other factors are resulting in population declines of more than 1/3 of bird species that breed and winter in the region. Coordinated action among local, state, federal, and other partners is essential to reverse these trends.The Appalachian Mountains Joint Venture (AMJV) is one of 18 habitat Joint Venture partnerships in the United States. It...
The model for golden-winged warbler was acquired from Dolly Crawford (Ashland University), which was included in Chapter 3 of the 2012 conservation plan (Roth et al., 2012). Model was composed of cells of predicted Golden-Winged Warbler occurrence across the study region. The study region was determined by the expert opinion derived by the technical team regarding the core breeding populations of Golden-Winged Warbler presence and assigned to the Great Lakes Conservation Region and Appalachian Conservation Region. Within these areas, certain extents are recommended for Golden-Winged Warbler conservation, as they are priority species in those regions and do not promote the invasion of Blue-Winged Warbler, a known...

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