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Climate, sea level rise, and urbanization are undergoing unprecedented levels of combined change and are expected to have large effects on natural resources — particularly along the Gulf of Mexico coastline (Gulf Coast). Management decisions to address these effects (i.e., adaptation) require an understanding of the relative vulnerability of various resources to these stressors. To meet this need, the four Landscape Conservation Cooperatives along the Gulf partnered with the Gulf of Mexico Alliance to conduct this Gulf Coast Vulnerability Assessment (GCVA).
Submersed aquatic vegetation, a critical component of highly productive coastal ecosystems, is greatly affected by sea level rise. The Gulf Coast Prairie Landscape Conservation Cooperative needs consistent information on these natural resources along the Gulf of Mexico Coast to develop computer modeling tools. These tools will contribute to efforts to forecast the effects of climate change on the distribution, abundance, and diversity of submersed aquatic vegetation and the fish and wildlife that depend on them. This project was co-funded by the Gulf Coast Prairie and the Gulf Coastal Plains and Ozarks Landscape Conservation Cooperatives and the South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center. An alternate reference...

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