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Sixteen species of Haliplidae belonging to three genera are recorded from Colorado: *Brychius hornii Crotch, Peltodytes callosus (LeConte), P. edentulus (LeConte), *P. litoralis Matheson, *Haliplus apicalis C.G. Thomson, *H. canadensis Wallis, H. cribrarius LeConte, H. deceptus Matheson, *H. distinctus Wallis, H. fulvus Fabricius, H. immaculicollis Harris, H. leechi Wallis, H. longulus LeConte, *H. stagninus Leech, *H. tortilipenis Brigham and Sanderson, and H. triopsis Say. Seven of these species (*) represent new state records, and H. distinctus is reported from the United States for the first time. Haliplids found in Colorado generally fit one of the following distributional patterns for North America: Western,...

map background search result map search result map CA1026 Haliplus sp vent post CA1026 Haliplus sp dor ant CA1026 Haliplus sp dor post CA1026 Haliplus sp dorsal CA1026 Haliplus sp vent ant CA1026 Haliplus sp ventral CA1027 Peltodytes sp dor ant CA1027 Peltodytes sp dor post CA1027 Peltodytes sp vent post CA1027 Peltodytes sp dor post2 CA1027 Peltodytes sp dorsal stk CA1027 Peltodytes sp lateral stk CA1027 Peltodytes sp vent ant2 CA1027 Peltodytes sp vent post2 CL1026 Haliplus sp lateral CL1026 Haliplus sp dorsal ant CL1026 Haliplus sp dorsal post stk CL1026 Haliplus sp vent post2 CL1026 Haliplus sp ventral2