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This dataset consists of the current distribution (2000s) of mangrove forests in the southeastern U.S. This dataset was created from the current best available mangrove data on a state specific basis. Florida mangrove data was extracted from Florida Landuse Land Cover Classification System (FLUCCS). For Louisiana, we used observations of mangrove stands from aerial surveys by Michot et al. (2010). Mangrove presence in Texas came from maps produced by Sherrod & McMillan (1981) and the NOAA Benthic Habitat Atlas of Coastal Texas (Finkbeiner et al. 2009). Please note that this map depicts the distribution of mangrove forests and not mangrove individuals. More detailed information on this dataset is available in Osland...
A comprehensive list of 38 categories of anthropogenic drivers of change in marine ecosystems developed through expert workshops (S1) was assessed for data availability on a global scale. We intentionally did not further subdivide these categories into unique drivers (e.g. each specific type of pollutant) as this would lead to over-emphasis of certain activities when impacts are summed. We limited our analyses to anthropogenic drivers with pre-existing global coverage or those for which we could assemble or develop global coverage. Although many regional-scale data and data with a global scope but incomplete coverage exist for a variety of specific human activities, inclusion of these data would bias global comparisons...

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