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map background search result map search result map Elma Fourth Level Tornado Vein 800 Level Lake Shore Copper Deposits Section B-B Christmas Mine Location Map Hilltop Mine Kasper Adit Level Riviera Mine Company 790 Progress Map Silver Bell Unit, Plan of El Tiro Pit Geology Map of the Day Project Silver Bell - Burden Shot Christmas Mine Area, Topo Survey 5 Kalamazoo Map Showing Drill Hole Locations Christmas Area, Topographic Survey Sheet 3 I.P. Work Map Christmas Area, Aeromagnetic Map Showing Total Magnetic Intensity - Notes Page 1 White Tank, I.P., Line No. 2, Spreads 1 and 2 Kalamazoo Claims Christmas Mine Area, Topo Survey 6 Pauline Project, I.P. and Resistivity Survey Empire Shaft Underground Workings Kalamazoo Claim Map Four Metals Area, Claims