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The 'Squaw Peak Project Exec. Agreement, Quit Claim and Assignment' file is part of the Grover Heinrichs mining collection. Grover was the Vice President of Heinrichs GEOEXploration, located in Tucson, Arizona. The collection contains over 1,400 folders including economic geology reports, maps, photos, correspondence, drill logs and other related materials. The focus of much of the information is on the western United States, particularly Arizona, but the collection also includes files on mining activity throughout the United States, foreign countries, and 82 mineral commodities.
The following topics are currently covered by the MineralCommodity Summaries: domestic production and uses; U.S. salientstatistics; recycling; import sources; tariff; depletionallowance; government stockpile; events, trends, and issues;world production, reserves, and reserve base; world resources;and substitutes.
Tags: AY = Antarctica, Abrasives, Alumina, Aluminum, Antimony, All tags...

map background search result map search result map Abril Mine 79 Mine Section 600 Level Drill Hole Locations E+E Morgan Abril Property Sketch Location Map, Transarizona Resources Inc. Christmas Copper Mine Section C-C' Alteration and Mineralization Zoning of the Squaw Peak Porphyry Copper Deposit Dripping Springs Topographic Map 79 Mine, 400 Level Flowsheet of Molybdenum Section Geologic Map of the Squaw Peak Porphyry Copper Deposit Squaw Peak Geologic Cross Section 7600 N Squaw Peak, Philips Petroleum, Sheet 2 Oxide Ore Body N-S Section 27 700 E Christmas Copper Corporation Geologic Plan 770 Level Geologic Map of the Squaw Peak Area Silver Bell - Plan of Typical Trim-out Shot Ray Mine Topographic Map Grover Heinrichs mining collection: Squaw Peak Project Exec. Agreement, Quit Claim and Assignment