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This data set maps sagebrush mortality in Utah delineated by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources personnel during the summer of 2003.
This dataset shows the locations of forest dieback documented in the 2010 paper: Allen , C. D., Macalady, A. K., Chenchouni, H., Bachelet, D., McDowell, N, Vennetier, M , Kitzberger, T, Rigling, A, Breshears, D. D., Hogg, E.H., Gonzalez, P., Fensham, R., Zhang, Z. , Castro, J, Demidova, N., Lim, J. H., Allard, G., Running, S. W., Semerci, A., Cobb, N. 2010. A global overview of drought and heat-induced tree mortality reveals emerging climate change risks for forests. Forest Ecology and Management 259(4): 660-684

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