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The goal of my biodegradation research is to understand the processes controlling the rate of biodegradation of contaminants in the subsurface. This understanding will form the basis of methods to increase degradation rates without causing further degradation of groundwater quality. Recent work has focused on the fate of crude oil and agricultural nitrate contamination in the subsurface. Specific objectives for the crude oil research include: (a) determine the rate that contaminants are transported from the source zone; (b) provide an estimate of how long the spilled oil will continue to pollute the groundwater; and (c) determine the fate of products of biodegradation or so-called “secondary water quality impacts”...
To study the mechanisms, pathways, and rates of transformation of carbon and nitrogen compounds (natural and contaminant) mediated by microorganisms in aquatic habitats and identify factors controlling these transformations and to examine the effect that these transformations have upon other biogeochemical processes.
Trends are identified changes over time in the characteristics of groundwater and (or) surface water. The characteristics analyzed can include descriptions of both quantity and quality. The calculated trends are dependent upon the available data and the methods used to identify trends. (Updated 12/23/2015)