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This data release contains data used in an upcoming associated publication currently in review. The overarching effects and benefits of land management decisions, such as through watershed restoration, are often not fully understood due to a lacking control within an experimental design. This can be addressed through the application of a paired watershed approach, allowing for comparison between treatment and control watersheds. We developed and applied a statistic-based hierarchical clustering analysis for watershed pairing within an experimental landscape consisting of numerous superficially structurally-similar sub-basins to address this concern. Our three-step research approach follows: 1) We construct a comprehensive...
The Soil Survey of Santa Cruz and Parts of Cochiseand Pima Counties, Arizona, a product of the USDASoil Conservation Service and the Forest Service incooperation with the Arizona Agricultural ExperimentStation, released in 1979, was created according tothe site conditions in 1971, when soil scientistsidentified soils types on aerial photographs. Thescale at which these maps were published is 1:20,000.These soil maps were automated for incorporation intothe hydrologic modeling within a GIS. The aerial photosonto which the soils units were drawn had not beenorthoganalized, and contained distortion. A total of 15maps composed the study area. These maps were scannedinto TIFF format using an 8-bit black and white drumscanner...

    map background search result map search result map Digital soils survey map of the Patagonia Mountains, Arizona Digital soils survey map of the Patagonia Mountains, Arizona