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GTOPO30 is a global digital elevation model (DEM) resulting from a collaborative effort led by the staff at the U.S. Geological Survey's EROS Data Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The name GTOPO30 is derived from the fact that elevations in GTOPO30 are regularly spaced at 30-arc seconds (approximately 1 kilometer). GTOPO30 was developed to meet the needs of the geospatial data user community for regional and continental scale topographic data. This release represents the completion of global coverage of 30-arc second elevation data that have been available from the EROS Data Center beginning in 1993. Several areas have been updated and the entire global data set has been repackaged, so these data supersede...

map background search result map search result map 30 arc second DEM of Southeast Asia 30 arc second DEM of Southeast Asia