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Annual waterfowl (Anseriformes) surveys during Spring migration in the Rainwater Basin Wetland (RWB) Complex 2017-21. Each year a subset of RWB wetlands are selected for survey. Species counts and ancillary data about site conditions are collected using roadside surveys. Sites are revisited periodically through Spring migration. Dry wetlands or wetlands containing concentration pits are removed from the survey but are documented in a separate table.
These are preliminary vegetative cover surveys for the Nebraska collected for the purpose of developing a land cover map. These data were collected by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission in coordination with the Missouri Resource Assessment Partnership (MoRAP). The overall vegetation community was recorded in addition to the dominant 3 species and percent cover of these vegetative communities: herbaceous, shrub, and woody. A photo was taken of each survey location and attached to the record.

    map background search result map search result map Nebraska Vegetation Survey 2018 Core and Cuttings Samples Rainwater Basin Wetland Complex Waterfowl Surveys 2017-21 Rainwater Basin Wetland Complex Waterfowl Surveys 2017-21 Core and Cuttings Samples Nebraska Vegetation Survey 2018