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During the Pliocene to middle Pleistocene, pluvial lakes in the western Great Basin repeatedly rose to levels much higher than those of the well-documented late Pleistocene pluvial lakes, and some presently isolated basins were connected. Sedimentologic, geomorphic, and chronologic evidence at sites shown on the map indicates that Lakes Lahontan and Columbus-Rennie were as much as 70 m higher in the early-middle Pleistocene than during their late Pleistocene high stands. Lake Lahontan at its 1400-m shoreline level would submerge present-day Reno, Carson City, and Battle Mountain, and would flood other now-dry basins. To the east, Lakes Jonathan (new name), Diamond, Newark, and Hubbs also reached high stands during...
Five alcoves (rock shelters) in the Forty-Mile Canyon—Willow Gulch area of the Escalante River Basin in southeastern Utah yielded rich deposits of late Quaternary macrobotanical remains. The deposits were sampled and the contents identified in order to construct a chronology of vegetational change. Fourteen radiocarbon dates indicate that the fossils were deposited between 12,690 and 7510 yr B.P. (years before present). Ninety-one plant taxa were identified, 62 to species. Six species were common to all alcoves: Gambel oak (Quercus gambelii), box-elder (Acer negundo), prickly pear (Opuntia subgenus Platyopuntia), skunkbush (Rhus aromatica var. trilobata), serviceberry (Amelanchier utahensis), and Indian ricegrass...
Core Research Center, core R700, from well operated by USGSRaw Properties from download, web scrape, MapServer, and Macrostrat API{"Lib Num": "R700", "API Num": null, "Operator": "USGS", "Well Name": "Y-1 BLACK SAND BASIN", "Field": "UPPER GEYSER BASIN", "State": "WY", "County": "YELLOWSTONE NATL PARK", "Type": "FULL", "Photos": "T", "Thin Sec": "T", "Analysis": "T", "Latitude": "44.45", "Longitude": "-110.85", "coordinates_geohash": "9xchveckpb94", "Source": "DERIVED FROM MAPPED LOCATION", "Security Flag": "NO SPECIAL RESTRICTIONS", "crc_collection_name": "core", "sb_parent_id": "4f4e49dae4b07f02db5e0486", "intervals": [{"Formation": "UNKNOWN", "Age": null, "Min Depth": "0", "Max Depth": "215"}], "crcwc_url": "",...

map background search result map search result map Extent of Pleistocene Lakes in the Western Great Basin Core Research Center Core R700 Extent of Pleistocene Lakes in the Western Great Basin