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This assessment presents GIS data containing results of all freshwater assessment analyses conducted by The Nature Conservancy for Washington State. This data set includes values for biodiversity metrics (e.g. suitability, threat, number of species) across all HUC6 watersheds in Washington State, as well as identifies rivers, watersheds, and wetlands that provide the best opportunities for conservation of Washington's native freshwater species and ecological systems. Fore more information, visit .
The purpose of the Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP) cropland national assessment is to quantify the environmental benefits of conservation programs at the regional and national levels, which include both onsite and instream water quality benefits. Modeling is an effective tool for environmental assessment at the regional and national scale due to the complexities in nature at this scale. Two simulation models, the Agricultural Policy Environmental extender (APEX) and the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT), were used for the CEAP cropland national assessment. A subset of National Resources Inventory (NRI) sample points was selected to serve as "representative fields" for the CEAP cropland survey...

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