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Section along Cajon Creek, near junction with Lone Pine Canyon, near south 1/4 corner sec. 12, T. 2 N., R. 6 W., showing contact between old alluvium and underlying metamorphic rocks. San Bernardino County, California. October 18, 1919.
Aerial view looking north at Cheyenne Mountain from an altitude of 10,000 feet above Lytle, Cheyenne Mountain, type locality of the Cheyenne Mountain erosion surface, is a mass of Pre-Cambrian rock that has been thrust eastward onto Cretaceous strata at the south end of the Ute Pass fault. The fault line is marked by the abrupt termination of the foothills. El Paso County, Colorado. Circa 1932. Figure 16, with sketch, in U.S.Geological Survey Professional paper 223. 1950.
Jarbidge Mountains, looking southeast. Panorama extending from the piedmont rim rock plain, looking north-northeast beyond Jack Creek, south through the Crater Range to the Great Basin divide, thence west and northwest through the Copper Mountain along the western edge of the district. Taken from the base line station 1 on Deer Creek Ridge, 1.5 miles northwest of Jarbidge, at an elevation of 7,500 feet. Elko County, Nevada. 1910. Plate 3-A in U.S. Geological Survey. Bulletin 497. 1912.
Rock glacier on McCarthy Creek three-quarters of a mile above the mouth of East Fork, showing the source of supply in the talus cones, above, also the surface markings- longitudinal in the upper portion, concentric below. Nizina district, Copper River region, Alaska. Plate 8 in U.S. Geological Survey. Bulletin 448. 1911; plate 3 in U.S. Geological Survey. Bulletin 894. 1938.
In Shoshone National Forest, 12 to 15 miles southwest of Clark Post Office, looking southward across valley of upper Clark Fork of the Yellowstone River into basins of Sunlight and Dead Indian Creeks. Volcanic peaks of Absaroka Mountains in background; shows broad Pleistocene valley eroded in the Paleozoic rocks and, sharply cut into the bottom of this valley, the narrow branching box canyons of a later (Pleistocene?) cycle of erosion, more than 1,000 feet in Archean granite and gneiss. The broad bench, or bottom of the ancient valley, is probably to be correlated with the highest (No. 1) bench on the plains to the east. Park County, Wyoming. June 12, 1922. Plate 13-C, U.S. Geological Survey Professional paper 174....
Hugh D. Miser, on Dolly, in aspen woods west of White Rocks Ridge. Wayne County, Utah. September, 1936.
View down Arecibo River from sharp bend at Kilometer 58, Hectometer 5 on Arecibo-Ponce road. Valley here cut in igneous rocks etc. of older series. Arecibo County, Puerto Rico. February 1922.
Edge of Silver Peak flat, 1.5 miles southwest of Paymaster camp, looking north, shows streams of wash flowing down from the mountains of Cambrian rock and uniting to form a frontal wash apron. Esmeralda County, Nevada. Circa 1902, plate 3-A in U.S. Geological Survey. Professional paper 55. 1906.
Little Mountain (in background), a high bench or plateau capped with Bishop conglomerate, about 3,800 feet above Green River, 30 miles south of Rock Springs. Looking west down Red Creek basin. T. 19 N., R 105 W. Sweetwater County, Wyoming. August 5, 1925.
Lower Magnesian limestone exposed in a quarry near the top of the hill on which stands the brick church, northeast part of the village of Markesan, Wisconsin. Mackford Township, Sec. 6, T. 14 N., R. 13 E. The rock is of very rough, uneven texture, much broken, carries much chert and has many small cavities lined with quartz crystals. Green Lake County, Wisconsin. September 1, 1909.
Fault and shear zone in Cretaceous rocks west of The Solitario. The uplifted block is at right, showing limestone below and shale above. The vertical face of limestone is a fault cliff exposed by erosion. Terlingua quadrangle, Presidio County, Texas.n.d.

map background search result map search result map Treasure Mountain in Elk Mountains, and view down the canyon of Rock Creek. Gunnison County, Colorado. 1873. Cajon Creek. San Bernardino County, California. 1919. Treasure Mountain in Elk Mountains, and view down the canyon of Rock Creek. Gunnison County, Colorado. 1873. Cajon Creek. San Bernardino County, California. 1919.