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Recommended citation: Faccio, S.D., S.W. MacFaden, J.D. Lambert, J. O’Neil-Dunne, and K.P. McFarland. 2016. The North Atlantic Vernal Pool Data Cooperative: 2016 revision. Final report submitted to the North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative.The primary goal of this project was to advance vernal pool conservation by improving, a) knowledge of vernal pool distribution within the North Atlantic Region, and b) capacity to map vernal pool locations using remote-sensing technology. This was achieved by: compiling a spatially explicit database (the Vernal Pool Data Cooperative) of vernal pool locations in the NALCC region, including potential and field-verified pools; identifying and describing the coordinated...
Webinar Summary: One-half of North American imperiled species live in subterranean habitats, which largely are associated with karst (a type of landscape underlain by limestone that has been eroded over time, producing caves, sinkholes, towers and other formations). Further, karst aquifers provide a unique opportunity to investigate the effects of climate change on groundwater at timescales of human interest because these aquifers exhibit large variability in hydrologic responses, such as springflow (i.e. groundwater discharge) and water-table level (i.e. level below which the ground is completely saturated with water), at short timescales. By linking a global climate, regional climate, and hydrologic model, researchers...
This dataset contains the number of captured individuals recorded for each amphibian species surveyed in all wetlands in the Cottonwood Lake Study Area, Stutsman County, North Dakota. While amphibians were the target of the surveys, reptiles (i.e., turtles, snakes) were also sometimes captured over the course of the surveys and are included in the data file.
This data set portrays the distribution of 10 selected amphibians in the United States, based on historical literature and museum records from current and historical sources.
Categories: Web Site; Tags: Acris crepitans, Alabama, Alaska, American toad, Amphibians, All tags...
The dataset contains the recorded locations of amphibians collected in Southeast Alaska from 1867 to 2002. The records were compiled from 15 university and museum collections in the US and Canada. The data contain records for the following species: Northwestern Salamander, Long-toed Salamander, Roughskin Newt, Western Toad, Pacific Chorus Frog, Columbia Spotted Frog, Wood Frog, and the Red-legged Frog.
Tags: Alaska, Alaska, Ambystoma gracile, Ambystoma gracile, Ambystoma macrodactyum, All tags...

map background search result map search result map Current Distributions of Selected Amphibians in the United States Amphibian Observations Cottonwood Lake Study Area - Amphibians Cottonwood Lake Study Area - Amphibians Amphibian Observations Current Distributions of Selected Amphibians in the United States