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The data from the borehole strainmeter network set consists of raw data from the telemetry, state of health measurements, environmental measurement of temperature and pressure, and processed borehole strainmeter data. For each strainmeter site in this network, there will be a mix of raw data, SOH, environmental data, and processed strain. Each channel of data consists of a time of observation, usually 10-minute intervals, and a number that is either telemetry counts (which is proportional to the voltage output by the instrument), or in units of strain, which are either in part per million or parts per billion. Processed strain will be free of glitches and other artifacts and are corrected for changes in atmospheric...
The U.S. Geological Survey maintains a program of water-quality studies in San Francisco Bay (CA) that began in 1969. This USGS data release archives and makes available all measurements from 1969-2015. Water-quality constituent measurements include salinity, temperature, light attenuation coefficient, and concentrations of chlorophyll-a, dissolved oxygen, suspended particulate matter, and dissolved inorganic nutrients (nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, phosphate and silicate). Since the mid-1990s, sampling was conducted at least monthly at 37 fixed sampling locations along a 145-km transect from lower South San Francisco Bay to the lower Sacramento River. A map and table of sampling locations are included in the Attached...