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Complete daily water budget information was assembled for a 105 km segment of the South Platte River in the plains region below Denver, CO, for the period 1983?1993. The data were used in testing the possibility that dependence of alluvial exchange mechanisms on stage height, as shown by models of alluvial exchange, allows alluvial exchange to be predicted continuously over a given reach through use of statistical information on river discharge. The study segment was divided into an upper and a lower reach; daily alluvial exchanges for each reach were estimated by the method of residuals. The two reaches show small (15%) but statistically significant annual differences in rates of exchange. For each reach, there...
The temperature and surface geophysical data contained in this release have primarily been collected to support groundwater/surface water methods development, and to characterize the hydrogeological controls on native brook trout habitat. All data have been collected since 2010 along the Quashnet River corridor located on Cape Cod, MA, USA. Cape Cod is a peninsula in southeastern coastal Massachusetts, USA, composed primarily of highly permeable unconsolidated glacial moraine and outwash deposits. The largest of the Cape Cod sole-source aquifers occupies a western (landward) section of the peninsula, and is incised by several linear valleys that drain groundwater south to the Atlantic Ocean via baseflow-dominated...

map background search result map search result map Analysis of groundwater exchange for a large plains river in Colorado (USA) Temperature and geophysical data collected along the Quashnet River, Mashpee/Falmouth MA (ver. 2.0, March 2020) Analysis of groundwater exchange for a large plains river in Colorado (USA)