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Seasonal snowpack chemistry data from the Rocky Mountain region of the US was examined to identify long-term trends in concentration and chemical deposition in snow and in snow-water equivalent. For the period 1993?2004, comparisons of trends were made between 54 Rocky Mountain Snowpack sites and 16 National Atmospheric Deposition Program wetfall sites located nearby in the region. The region was divided into three subregions: Northern, Central, and Southern. A non-parametric correlation method known as the Regional Kendall Test was used. This technique collectively computed the slope, direction, and probability of trend for several sites at once in each of the Northern, Central, and Southern Rockies subregions....
Thirty-five different samples from three different sulfur cycles were examined in this stratigraphically oriented study of the Shell 22x-1 well (U.S.G.S. C177 core) in the Piceance Basin, Colorado. Carbon isotopic compositions of constituents of Green River bitumens indicate mixing of three main components: products of primary photoautotrophs and their immediate consumers (? ?30? vs PDB), products of methanotrophic bacteria (? ?85?), and products of unknown bacteria (? ?40?). For individual compounds synthesized by primary producers, ?-values ranged from ?28 to ?32?. 13C contents of individual primary products (?-carotene, steranes, acyclic isoprenoids, tricyclic triterpenoids) were not closely correlated, suggesting...
The following topics are currently covered by the MineralCommodity Summaries: domestic production and uses; U.S. salientstatistics; recycling; import sources; tariff; depletionallowance; government stockpile; events, trends, and issues;world production, reserves, and reserve base; world resources;and substitutes.
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The Critical Minerals in Archived Mine Samples Database (CMDB) contains chemistry and geologic information for historic ore and ore-related rock samples from mineral deposits in the United States. In addition, the database contains samples from archetypal deposits from 27 other countries in North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Samples were obtained from archived ore collections under the U.S. Geological Survey's project titled "Quick Assessment of Rare and Critical Metals in Ore Deposits: A National Assessment" (2008 to 2013) in an effort to begin an assessment of the Nations' previously mined ore deposits for critical minerals. Mineralized and altered rock samples were provided by the Colorado...
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Several canals in southern Florida run from Lake Okeechobee through the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA) and feed water to the northern Everglades. Agricultural and water-management practices affect the water quality of these canals. Fertilizers added in the EAA flow into the canals and are transported to treatment areas which remove much of the phosphorous in the water, but are not as effective in removing dissolved sulfate. Elevated sulfate concentrations, found downstream in the Water Conservation Areas in the northern Everglades, can stimulate sulfur-reducing bacteria which can also convert inorganic mercury to methyl mercury, a bioaccumulative neurotoxin. Chemistry data at 25 canal sites in southern Florida...

map background search result map search result map U.S. Copper Mine, Section 3300 North Global Geochemical Database for Critical Minerals in Archived Mine Samples Chemistry Data from Southern Florida Canals Collected in Support of the Aquatic Cycling of Mercury in the Everglades Project Chemistry Data from Southern Florida Canals Collected in Support of the Aquatic Cycling of Mercury in the Everglades Project Global Geochemical Database for Critical Minerals in Archived Mine Samples