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map background search result map search result map Gladstone McCabe, Monopolist Project Proposed Underground Drilling Gladstone McCabe Subsurface Plan 8 of 12 Gladstone McCabe, Drill Log 800 to 1100 Gladstone McCabe, Drill Hole Section Showing Gold Assays, Section 400 S / N35W / 200' corridor Magma Gold, McCabe Division, 1050 Plan View Gladstone McCabe, Past Production and Potential Gladstone McCabe Subsurface Plan 7 of 12 Gladstone McCabe, Section B Gladstone McCabe, Longitudinal Projection Red Vein Gladstone McCabe Subsurface Plan 12 of 12 Gladstone McCabe, Assay Map Showing the Eighth Level Gladstone McCabe Subsurface Plan 5 of 12 Old McCabe Shaft, Concrete Cap Gladstone McCabe, Vertical Section Showing Workings on the Red Vein Magma Gold, McCabe Division, 1050 Plan View Geologic Map of the Lelan Mine Area Gladstone McCabe Subsurface Plan 10 of 12 Gladstone McCabe, Lead-Zinc Soil Geochemistry, Turam E.M. and I.P. Anomolies McCabe-Gladstone Mine Magma Gold, McCabe Division, First Quarter Ore Reserve, 1050 #3&4