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This dataset represents recreation trails within the Western Oregon Plan Revision (WOPR) boundary.BLM (Bureau of Land Management) WOPR (Western Oregon Plan Revision) PRMP: (Proposed Resource Management Plan) REC: (Recreation)
This dataset represents roads in the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem (with a 50km buffer). Developed with the most recently available data and represents roads in ~2016. This dataset was developed by the Crown Managers Partnership, as part of a transboundary collaborative management initiative for the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem, based on commonly identified management priorities that are relevant at the landscape scale. The CMP is collaborative group of land managers, scientists, and stakeholder in the CCE. For more information on the CMP and its collaborators, programs, and projects please visit: This dataset has been produced by merging the "National Road Network (NRN) - AB,...

map background search result map search result map WOPR Recreation Trails Arc Roads c2016 in the Crown of the Continent 17_Illinois_Shape 31_Nebraska_Shape 32_Nevada_Shape 55_Wisconsin_Shape 8_Colorado_FileGDB_10 13_Georgia_FileGDB_10 27_Minnesota_FileGDB_10 32_Nevada_FileGDB_10 WOPR Recreation Trails Arc 13_Georgia_FileGDB_10 17_Illinois_Shape 31_Nebraska_Shape 8_Colorado_FileGDB_10 Roads c2016 in the Crown of the Continent 55_Wisconsin_Shape 32_Nevada_Shape 32_Nevada_FileGDB_10 27_Minnesota_FileGDB_10