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This dataset contains small cutthroat trout lakes within Southeast Alaska. These are smaller lakes that do not produce cutthroat trout large enough to reach the 11-inch regional minimum size limit. Each of these lakes has a 9-inch minimum size limit, and bait is prohibited. Regionwide limits of 2 per day and 2 in possession apply. Currently there are seven lakes in Southeast Alaska with the small cutthroat lake designation. Please verify fishing regulations with current Alaska Department of Fish and Game Sport Fishing Regulations at the following link:
Point locations for collections of Michigan fish in the Lake Michigan basin.
The Western Native Trout Initiative is all about getting projects done that will help improve the abundance of western native trout across a variety of landscapes. WNTI a collaborative effort of 12 western states including Alaska, the National Fish Habitat Action Plan, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and many tribal and public or private conservation-minded organizations (view partners). WNTI's goals and objectives include gathering project opportunities, funding, and partners together to make a measurable impact on native trout populations and habitats. WNTI projects are and will be funded by many different entities and partners.

map background search result map search result map Small Cutthroat Trout Lakes Lake Michigan, USA: Locations of collections of lake trout Western Native Trout Initiative Projects Lake Michigan, USA: Locations of collections of lake trout Small Cutthroat Trout Lakes Western Native Trout Initiative Projects