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Airborne magnetic surveys were conducted in Oklahoma from August 11th, 2017-October 28th, 2017, by Goldak Airborne Surveys. Here we present downloadable flight line data from those surveys in comma-separated values (csv format). Three areas were flown along a draped surface with a nominal survey height above ground of 120 meters. The flight line spacing for these areas was 200 to 400 m for Area 123, in southwestern Oklahoma; 1000 m for Area 4, in northwestern Oklahoma, and 800 m for Area 5, in north-central Oklahoma. For each area control lines were flown at ten times the traverse line spacing. The surveys were flown to map subsurface geologic variations including ancient magmatic bodies, faults, and other geologic...

    map background search result map search result map Airborne Magnetic Surveys over Oklahoma, 2017 Airborne Magnetic Surveys over Oklahoma, 2017