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The lack of geographic and thematic maps of coral reefs limits our understanding of reefs and our ability to assess change. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has the capability to compile digital image mosaics that are useful for creating detailed map products. Image maps covering the shallow near-shore coastal waters have been produced for several of the main Hawaiian Islands, including Hawai‘i, Maui, Moloka‘i, and O‘ahu and are presented in JPEG2000 (.jp2) format. The digital-image mosaics were generated by first scanning historical aerial photographs. At the time, available satellite image resolutions were not acceptable and the aerial photographs used were the best option. The individually scanned digital...
Time series data of water surface elevation, wave height, and water column currents and temperature were acquired at seven locations for 86 days off of Waiakane on the south coast of the island of Molokai, Hawaii, in support of a study on the coastal circulation patterns and the transformation of surface waves over the coral reefs. The relative placement of sensors on the reef were as follows: MKK18C01 – offshore MKK18C02 and MKK18C09 – fore reef MKK18C18 – reef crest MKK18C20 – outer reef flat MKK18C22 – middle reef flat MKK18C22 – inner reef flat

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