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The Colorado River system exhibits the characteristics of a heavily over-allocated or ?closing water system?. In such systems, development of mechanisms to allow resource users to acknowledge interdependence and to engage in negotiations and agreements becomes necessary. Recently, after a decade of deliberations and environmental assessments, the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program (GCDAMP) was established to monitor and analyze the effects of dam operations on the Grand Canyon ecosystem and recommend adjustments intended to preserve and enhance downstream physical, cultural and environmental values. The Glen Canyon Dam effectively separates the Colorado into its lower and upper basins. Dam operations and...
These data were provided by Dudek, for full metadata please contact them directly. Layer description from Appendix A: The California Interagency Watershed Map of 1999 (updated May 2004, "calw221") is the State of California's working definition of watershed boundaries. Previous Calwater versions (1.2 and 2.2) described California watersheds, beginning with the division of the State's 101 million acres into ten Hydrologic Regions (HR). Each HR is progressively subdivided into six smaller, nested levels: the Hydrologic Unit (HU, major rivers), Hydrologic Area (HA, major tributaries), Hydrologic Sub-Area (HSA), Super Planning Watershed (SPWS), and Planning Watershed (PWS). At the Planning Watershed (the most detailed...
This community serves to document data and analysis collected by researchers within the Upper Midwest Water Science Center whose mission is to collect high-quality hydrologic data and conduct unbiased, scientifically sound studies of water resources within the Great Lakes and Upper Mississippi Basins. We strive to meet the changing needs of those who use our information—from the distribution, availability, and quality of our water resources to topic-oriented research that addresses current hydrological issues.

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