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This project aimed to advance the long-standing need for a more formalized approach to data management planning at the science center (program) level in USGS. The study used two different science centers as test cases. Improved planning for data management and data integration is identified in the Bureau science strategy goals (U.S. Geological Survey, 2007; Burkett and others, 2011) with the need for consistent and unified data management to allow for accessible and high confidence data and information from the USGS science community. Principal Investigator : Thomas E Burley, Stan Smith Benefits Two data management models for other science centers to use Data management framework tested by use case scenario ...
This project identified collected, and characterized existing online monitoring methods and protocol collection tools that USGS manages or is a substantial collaborator. It also identified the common elements between existing protocol libraries content and functionality. The project examined the results of the USGS Monitoring workshop in December 2011 that provided information about stakeholder needs to form the future scope of monitoring library components and functionality. Finally, the project developed a mechanism via the Data Management website for USGS scientists to identify their needs with regards to seeking monitoring protocols for a particular methodology and or other protocol access, reference, and citation...