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Models that treat innovations to the price of energy as predetermined with respect to U.S. macroeconomic aggregates are widely used in the literature. For example, it is common to order energy prices first in recursively identified VAR models of the transmission of energy price shocks. Because exactly identifying assumptions are inherently untestable, this approach in practice has required an act of faith in the empirical plausibility of the delay restriction used for identification. An alternative view that would invalidate such models is that energy prices respond instantaneously to macroeconomic news, implying that energy prices should be ordered last in recursively identified VAR models. In this paper, we propose...
The purpose of the pilot project is to trial different methods and vendors of wind power forecasting to determine the best approach to forecasting wind power in Alberta in the future. Three vendors were chosen with global forecasting experience; AWS Truewind (New York), energy & meteo systems (Germany), and WEPROG (Denmark). Each vendor will forecast for 12 geographically dispersed wind power facilities for a year (May 07 to May 08) providing a forecast covering the next 48 hours refreshed hourly. ORTECH Power was chosen to perform the quantitative analysis of the results analyzing methods, timeframes and geographical locations. Phoenix Engineering was chosen to collect all the necessary meteorological data required...
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This layer represents Private Conservation Lands from the Protected Areas Database of the US (PADUS). Part of the GAP Analysis, PADUS is a geodatabase that illustrates and describes public land ownership, managment and consercationlands nationally. The lands included are assigned conservation measures that qualify thier intent to mangae lands for the presercation of biological diversity and to other natural, recreational, and cultural uses.
A new species of poplar is recognized based on abundant specimens from the early Middle Eocene Parachute Creek Member of the Green River Formation in eastern Utah and western Colorado and compared with two other contemporary species. A rare twig bearing both leaves and fruits serves as a Rosetta stone, linking the vegetative and reproductive structures that formerly were only known from dispersed organs. Fruit and foliage characters distinguish Populus tidwellii sp. n. from Populus cinnamomoides (Lesquereux) MacGinitie (typified on specimens from Green River Station, WY), to which the isolated leaves had formerly been attributed. In addition, new data from fruits and foliage confirm that there were two distinct...
Synopsis: This article outlines how wetlands can significantly reduce flooding in the Upper Mississippi watershed. The authors first provide a historical context by estimating the original and lost wetland storage capacities of the Upper Mississippi and Missouri River Basins. Historically, about 10% of the basin would have been classified as wetland in 1780. By 1980, wetland acreage had been reduced to only 4% of the basin, representing about 26 million acres of wetlands eliminated since 1780. The area of wetland restoration required to reduce the risk of future flooding adequately was estimated based on the total amount of excess floodwater beyond bank-full discharge that passed through the City of St. Louis during...
The Surface Management Agency (SMA) Geographic Information System (GIS) dataset depicts Federal land for the United States and classifies this land by its active Federal surface managing agency. The SMA feature class covers the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa and the Virgin Islands. A Federal SMA agency refers to a Federal agency with administrative jurisdiction over the surface of Federal lands. Jurisdiction over the land is defined when the land is either: Withdrawn by some administrative or legislative action, or Acquired or Exchanged by a Federal Agency. This layer is a dynamic assembly of spatial data layers maintained at various federal and local government offices....
Rural addresses that are assigned by the county are used by 911 system to find you in case of an emergency. If your property doesn’t have an address, or has an incorrect address it can delay the arrival of help during an emergency. If you purchase rural property in Fremont County, you will need to contact the Planning Department to get a rural address (a.k.a. physical address, or fire number) assigned to it. Even if you are buying property that has an already existing house or business on it, you should check with the Planning Department to make sure there is an address assigned to it. If you are planning to build on your property, be aware that some utility services will not install stubs/lines of service to your...
Orthophotos combine the image characteristics of a photograph with the geometric qualities of a map. The primary digital orthophotoquad (DOQ) is a 1-meter ground resolution, quarter-quadrangle (3.75-minutes of latitude by 3.75-minutes of longitude) image cast on the Universal Transverse Mercator Projection (UTM) on the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83).The geographic extent of the DOQ is equivalent to a quarter-quad plus The overedge ranges a minimum of 50 meters to a maximum of 300 meters beyond the extremes of the primary and secondary corner points. The overedge is included to facilitate tonal matching for mosaicking and for the placement of the NAD83 and secondary datum corner ticks. The normal orientation...
The Wyoming wind turbine data set was developed for the project "Seasonal predictive habitat models for Greater Sage-grouse in Wyoming". This project is aimed at developing spatially-explicit seasonal distribution models for Sage-Grouse in Wyoming, which will provide resource managers tools for conservation planning. These specific data are being used for assessing the impact of disturbance resulting from wind energy development within Wyoming on sage-grouse populations. Additionally, this data will also support the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative (WLCI). WLCI is a long-term, science-based, collaborative effort to ensure that the Southwest Wyoming's wildlife and its habitats are sustained over time with...
A layer of the genereal location of rest areas and information centers known by WyDOT within the state of Wyoming
A layer of geocoded Muesum locations throughout the state of Wyoming
Tax district mapping is an important function of the Property Tax Division - Technical Services Group. The identification of tax districts aids in the mill levy process and helps counties redistribute tax funds more effectively.
Statewide migration barriers for Moose. The severity of the threat to the migration route and the severity of problem noted.
This image contains a representation of the topographic relief in the area of the Green River Basin area. This area is a part of the National Coal Resource Assessment of the Northern Rocky Mountain and Great Plains Fort Union Coal Resources Assessment Area. This area can be shown in relation to other relevant themes of this area.
The purpose of this gallery is to provide the user community with a variety of completed map products for including as reference material in presentations, documents, etc. There are a variety of maps available here to download in several formats to suit a variety of user needs. We would recommend using .pdf versions if you are interested in layer functionality to turn layers on and off at will. the direct link from each map is a .pdf. The additional links to the right also provide zipfiles containing the map in question.
thumbnail is a geographic information system (GIS) portal, also known as the Geospatial One-Stop, that serves as a public gateway for improving access to geospatial information and data under the Geospatial One-Stop e-government initiative. Geospatial One-Stop is one of 24 e-government initiatives sponsored by the Federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to enhance government efficiency and to improve citizen services. Geospatial One-Stop makes it easier, faster, and less expensive for all levels of government and the public to access geospatial information. The portal is a catalog of geospatial information containing thousands of metadata records (information about the data) and links to live maps, features,...

map background search result map search result map Museums in Wyoming Rest Areas and Information Centers as Reported by WyDOT for Wyoming Downloadable Maps for Presentations Relief image of the Green River Basin Coal Mines Trout Unlimited-Coldwater Fisheries Data Condition Index - Aquatic - Focal Species Chambers of Commerce in Wyoming Fremont County Wyoming Geospatial One Stop - GOS Black and White Digital Orthophoto Quarter-Quadrangles 1994 for Wyoming Wind Turbine Locations Prepared by the USGS for Wyoming Moose Migration Barriers for Wyoming at 1:100,000 Tax Districts for Crook County Wyoming at 1:24,000 Wyoming Private Conservation Lands Flood reduction through wetand restoration: the Upper Mississippi River Basin as a case history. Landownership Moose Migration Barriers for Wyoming at 1:100,000 Tax Districts for Crook County Wyoming at 1:24,000 Relief image of the Green River Basin Fremont County Wyoming Wind Turbine Locations Prepared by the USGS for Wyoming Trout Unlimited-Coldwater Fisheries Data Coal Mines Condition Index - Aquatic - Focal Species Chambers of Commerce in Wyoming Rest Areas and Information Centers as Reported by WyDOT for Wyoming Wyoming Private Conservation Lands Black and White Digital Orthophoto Quarter-Quadrangles 1994 for Wyoming Museums in Wyoming Downloadable Maps for Presentations Geospatial One Stop - GOS Landownership Flood reduction through wetand restoration: the Upper Mississippi River Basin as a case history.