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The RVCAT database contains data that have been collected on various vessel operations on the Great Lakes and select connecting waterways. This section of Reference Tables specifically handles repetitive or standardized information that is called upon in the main tables of the RVCAT database. Reference tables are used in database design in order to standardize often used values and to make the data file efficient. All of the terms defined in the reference tables have been determined by the United States Geological Survey, Great Lakes Science Center and it’s partners.
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In this study we describe the design and application of an automated classification system that utilizes artificial intelligence to corroborate the finding that Gunnison's prairie dogs have different alarm calls for different species of predators. This corroboration is strong because it utilizes an entirely different analysis technique than that used in the original research by Slobodchikoff et al. [Slobodchikoff, C.N., Fischer, C., Shapiro, J., 1986. Predator-specific alarm calls of prairie dogs. Am. Zool. 26, 557] or in subsequent study done by Slobodchikoff et al. [Slobodchikoff, C.N., Kiriazis, J., Fischer, C., Creef, E., 1991. Semantic information distinguishing individual predators in the alarm calls of Gunnison's...

map background search result map search result map Great Lakes Research Vessel Operations 1958-2017: Reference. (ver. 2.0, March 2018) Great Lakes Research Vessel Operations 1958-2017: Reference. (ver. 2.0, March 2018)