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This set of maps shows relative habitat quality for bat watering. Component layers (distance to water, vegetation cover types, open flight areas) are included, as are complementary layers of channel boundaries, reaches, and bottomland kilometers.
This is a habitat suitablilty map and component layers estimating bat watering habitat on the Colorado River bottomland in Utah during high flow conditions. The model combines the presence of prefered slow water channel types (backwaters, isolated pools and tributary mouths), with cover types amenable to bat overflights and drinking 'on-the-wing'. See Open File Report, Rasmussen and Shafroth, Colorado River Conservation Planning for geoprocessing details. For more detailed information, please visit this project's ScienceBase landing page at, or the final report for this project at

    map background search result map search result map Bat Watering Model and Component Layers Bat Watering Model and Component Layers