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We collected blood for allozyme analysis from Northern Goshawks (Accipiter gentilis atricapillus) on the Kaibab Plateau in northern Arizona during 1991-1993 to quantify frequency of extra-pair fertilizations (EPFs). Northern Goshawks are socially monogamous, territorial, noncolonial, synchronous breeders, and their nests are relatively far apart, characteristics that suggest that EPFs should be low. We sampled 103 adults and 122 nestlings from 64 nests. Both putative parents were sampled at 39 nests, but we were able to capture and sample only one putative parent at 25 other nests (84%, female only: 16%, male only). Of the 39 complete families sampled, only 1 of 77 (1.3%) nestlings (or in 1 of 39 clutches, 2.6%)...