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The SRLCC provided funds to the states of Arizona and New Mexico to support development of the states Crucial Habitat Assessment Tools (CHATs) which provide a decision support system to better incorporate wildlife values, sensitive animals and plants, and important ecosystem features into land use decision-making to reduce conflicts and surprises.Several states have released wildlife mapping tools that are the foundation for displaying crucial wildlife and corridor information. The state and regional CHATs are non-regulatory, and give project planners and the general public access to credible scientific data on a broad scale for use in project analysis, siting and planning. This includes large-scale development...
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USFWS Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs) throughout the Mississippi River Basin (MRB) have identified high nutrient runoff, a major contributor to Gulf hypoxia, and declines in wildlife populations (especially grassland and riparian birds), as conservation challenges requiring collaborative action. This project aimed to develop a spatial decision support system (DSS) to address these issues. The DSS was designed to identify MRB watersheds where application of conservation practices can (1) reduce nutrient export to the Gulf hypoxia zone and (2) enhance conservation for grassland and riparian birds, based on (3) identifying landowners willing and capable of implementing these practices. The DSS is expected...
The Modular Modeling System (MMS) is an integrated system of computer software that is being developed to provide the research and operational framework needed to support development, testing, and evaluation of physical-process algorithms, and to facilitate integration of user-selected sets of algorithms into operational physical-process models. MMS uses a module library that contains compatible modules for simulating a variety of water, energy, and biogeochemical processes. A model is created by selectively linking modules from the library using MMS model-building tools. A geographic information system (GIS) interface also is being developed for MMS to support a variety of GIS tools for use in characterizing and...
Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) is a perennial warm-season grass native to North America. The species is currently being evaluated as a potential feedstock for bioenergy. Growth and yield of switchgrass vary substantially due to weather and soil conditions. The objective of this study was to determine the impact and implications of weather, climate, and soil variability on switchgrass production in the south-eastern USA using a crop simulation model. We simulated switchgrass growth and yield as a function of weather, soil, and crop management with the Agricultural Land Management Alternative with Numerical Assessment Criteria (ALMANAC) model. The model was first evaluated with switchgrass data from five field...
The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) is one of the largest programs of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) aimed at encouraging farmers and ranchers to address soil, water, and related natural resource issues on their lands in an environmentally sustainable manner. This paper outlines the design and development of a prototype web-GIS Decision Support System (DSS), CRP-DSS, for use in resource management and assessment of environmental quality. Specifically, the DSS is targeted toward aiding USDA to better manage and plan CRP enrollments. The DSS is based on the emerging industry-standard ArcIMS GIS platform and integrates a mapping component AFIRS (Automated Feature Information Retrieval System) and a modeling...

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