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Blackstone River Valley. Flood plain and terrace of glacial gravels one-half mile east of Uxbridge, Mass. Blackstone quadrangle. Worcester County, Massachusetts. September 26, 1906. USGS Bulletin 760, Pl. 15, 1925.
Photograph illustrating damage caused by outburst floods: Copper River. Copper River and Northwestern Railway bridge near Chitina being swept away by a major flood. Generally clear, balmy weather prevailed at the time so the flood is judged to have been due to a glacier-dammed lake outburst, probably originating from lakes dammed by Tazlina Glacier. Copper River region. Alaska. August 1932. (Photo by Alaska Department of Highways) Published on sheet 3 in U. S. Geological Survey. Hydrologic investigations. Atlas HA-455. 1971.
Tidal bore of about 1.5m amplitude: marks low tide in Turnagain Arm, Cook Inlet Region, Alaska. The bore is moving from right to left, followed by the flood tide. n.d. Cook Inlet Region, Alaska. Portion published as Figure 1, in U.S. Geological Survey, Circular 1022. 1988.
Outer Banks of North Carolina. New lands are created as tidal deltas become vegetated. Floodtide delta in the upper right; ebbtide delta in the lower left. Photo by J. Fisher, circa 1980. Figure 12-A, U.S. Geological Survey Professional paper 1177-B.
Yosemite National Park, California. Silhouette view of the gorge that separates Liberty Cap from the Nevada Fall platform. This gorge was, at one time, the channel of the Merced River and still carries off some of the flood waters in spring. The trail to the top of the Nevada Fall is laid through it. Circa 1913.
Glacial Lake Nashua. Partially submerged and eroded delta sand plains of the Clinton stage at 385 +/- A.T., looking south from the south end of Burdett Hill at the B. & M. Railway cut, Clinton, Mass. Terraces of the Boylston stage in distance. Valley flooded up to 367 A.T. Marlboro quadrangle. Worcester County, Massachusetts. Cc 1906.
Death Valley National Park, California, circular pattern due to collapse of salty mud into a pool of salty water. These structures are common to the flood plain in the vicinity of the salt pools. Photo by J.R. Stacy, circa 1960. Figure 37, U.S. Geological Survey Professional paper 494-B. Drawing of photo.
Flood in Trachyte Creek, at ranch. Garfield County, Utah. August, 1937.
Within large-river ecosystems, floodplains serve a variety of important ecological functions. A recent survey of 80 managers of floodplain conservation lands along the Upper and Middle Mississippi and Lower Missouri Rivers in the central United States found that the most critical information needed to improve floodplain management centered on metrics for characterizing depth, extent, frequency, duration, and timing of inundation. These metrics can be delivered to managers efficiently through cloud-based interactive maps. To calculate these metrics, we interpolated an existing one-dimensional HEC-RAS hydraulic model for the Lower Missouri River, which simulated water surface elevations at cross sections spaced (<1...

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