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This data release contains data used in an associated publication: Petrakis, R.E., Norman, L.M., Vaughn, K., Pritzlaff, R., Weaver, C., Rader, A., and Pulliam, H.R., 2021, Hierarchical Clustering for Paired Watershed Experiments: Case Study in Southeastern Arizona, U.S.A.: Water, v. 13, no. 21, p. 2955, The overarching effects and benefits of land management decisions, such as through watershed restoration, are often not fully understood due to a lacking control within an experimental design. This can be addressed through the application of a paired watershed approach, allowing for comparison between treatment and control watersheds. We developed and applied a statistic-based...
This dataset contains mercury concentrations and locations of wintering red-legged kittiwakes in the western subartic Pacific Ocean. These data support the following publication: Fleishman, AB, RA Orben, N Kokubun, A Will, R Paredes, JT Ackerman, A Takahashi, AS Kitaysky, and SA Shaffer. 2019. Wintering in the Western Subarctic Pacific increases mercury contamination of red-legged kittiwakes. Environmental Science and Technology, in press.