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Presented is a list of voltages (electric potential differences) measured during magnetic storms on grounded long lines in the United States and Canada between 1891 and 1940. The sources for the list are published papers, technical documents, and newspapers. Each entry consists of the maximum voltage measured for each storm on a specified line connecting two ground points, nominally, between A "and" B. However, if a specific polarity is available, for example, the positive voltage from point A to point B, then the maximum voltage for the indicated polarity is listed, that is, positive A "to" B; conversely, for the opposite polarity, that is, from point B to point A, then the maximum voltage for the indicated polarity...
Movie-maps of low-latitude horizontal-intensity magnetic disturbance are derived from magnetic vector time series data collected at multiple ground-based observatories. Using a technique similar to that used in the calculation of Dst, a quiet time baseline is subtracted from the time series from each observatory. The remaining disturbance time series are shown in a polar coordinate system that accommodates both Earth rotation and the universal time dependence of magnetospheric disturbance. Each magnetic storm recorded in the movie-maps is different. While some standard interpretations about the storm time equatorial ring current appear to apply to certain moments and certain phases of some storms, the movie-maps...