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A coal/CBM database was implemented by the Alberta Geological Survey to capture and manage information related to coalbed methane (CBM). The database is a compilation of data from many different sources and contains information on 7923 wells (15,200 formation picks; 37,357 coal picks; 495 coal analyses; and 363 vitrinite reflectance measurements). This is a subset of those wells that fall inside the coal zone.
Our objective is to improve the scientific understanding of the modes, rates, and mechanisms of carbon stabilization and losses in soils from Alaska, California, and other Western states. We focus on the biophysical and microbial mechanisms that drive carbon gains and losses, and to use our data to improve models of soil carbon cycling. This catalog supports research from several projects focused on soil carbon cycling. It encompasses multiple types of datasets including environmental, ecological, biological, isotopic, mineralogical, genomic, flux, and modeled data from water, vegetation, soil, and atmospheric matrices. The catalog will be available online and to the public. Therefore, publication of data through...
Abstract (from Permafrost thaw can alter the soil environment through changes in soil moisture, frequently resulting in soil saturation, a shift to anaerobic decomposition, and changes in the plant community. These changes, along with thawing of previously frozen organic material, can alter the form and magnitude of greenhouse gas production from permafrost ecosystems. We synthesized existing methane (CH 4) and carbon dioxide (CO 2) production measurements from anaerobic incubations of boreal and tundra soils from the geographic permafrost region to evaluate large-scale controls of anaerobic CO 2 and CH 4 production and compare the relative importance...

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