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The recent proliferation of oil and natural gas energy development in the Greater Green River Basin of southwest Wyoming has accentuated the need to understand wildlife responses to this development. The location and extent of surface disturbance that is created by oil and natural gas well pad scars are key pieces of information used to assess the effects of energy infrastructure on wildlife populations and habitat. A digital database of oil and natural gas pad scars had previously been generated from 1-meter (m) National Agriculture Imagery Program imagery (NAIP) acquired in 2009 for a 7.7-million hectare (ha) (19,026,700 acres) region of southwest Wyoming (Garman and McBeth, 2014). Scars included the pad area...
A complete set of wells associated with oil, natural gas, and coal bed natural gas development in the western states as of Nov 2007. This is a static dataset even though liquid energy development is a highly dynamic endeavor. Because these well location datasets are generally housed and managed by various state-based agencies (typically the state Oil and Gas Conservation Commissions) a uniform, spatially precise coverage for the western United States has not been available to date. This layer consolidates the best available well location data from ND, SD, MT, WY, CO, NM, UT, AZ, OR, and CA (ID and WA do not report any liquid energy development) and standardizes the attributites. While static as of Nov 2007 the well...
The the Williston Basin has been a leading petroleum producer for over a half century with development beginning around the turn of the 20th century. The spatial and temporal spread of the associated wells is important from both an economic perspective but also a natural resource view. These data were gathered from the state/province oil and gas divisions for use by USGS researchers and their collaborators in water resource specific studies. Each state/province provides slightly different information for each well, with some providing more information and others less. We attempted to create a spatial cross-walk that allowed each database to be merged to one another to create a final regional spatial database. Each...

    map background search result map search result map all_wells_wus_1899-2007 Williston Basin Area Wells Digital Representation of Oil and Natural Gas Pad Scars in Southwest Wyoming-2012 Update Digital Representation of Oil and Natural Gas Pad Scars in Southwest Wyoming-2012 Update Williston Basin Area Wells all_wells_wus_1899-2007