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This cover contains the outlines of selected landslides and debris flows that occurred prior to Hurricane Mitch in the areas where hurricane-induced landslides were mapped. The landslides and debris flows shown in this coverage were mapped using 1:40,00-scale and 1:15,000-scale black-and-white aerial photographs. Much of the photography was taken a few months after the storm, but additional photography was taken in late 2000. The photographs were visually examined using 4-X mirror stereoscopes, and the landslides were plotted by hand on mylar overlays that were registered to topographic maps. The landslides were plotted on 1:25,000-scale maps where these high-quality maps were available; for other parts of the country,...

    map background search result map search result map Older landslides (before Hurricane Mitch) in El Salvador Older landslides (before Hurricane Mitch) in El Salvador