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Beavers (Castor canadensis Kuhl) can influence the competitive dynamics of plant species through selective foraging, collection of materials for dam creation, and alteration of hydrologic conditions. In the Grand Canyon National Park, the native Salix gooddingii C.R.Ball (Goodding?s willow) and Salix exigua Nutt. (coyote willow) are a staple food of beavers. Because Salix competes with the invasive Tamarix ramosissima Ledeb., land mangers are concerned that beavers may cause an increase in Tamarix through selective foraging of Salix. A spatial analysis was conducted to assess whether the presence of beavers correlates with the relative abundance of Salix and Tamarix. These methods were designed to detect a system-wide...
As part of a study to investigate the causes of channel narrowing and incision in Canyon de Chelly National Monument, the effects of Tamarisk and Russian-olive on streambank stability were investigated. In this study, root tensile strengths and distributions in streambanks were measured and used in combination with a root-reinforcement model, RipRoot, to estimate the additional cohesion provided to layers of each streambank. The additional cohesion provided by the roots in each 0.1-m layer ranged from 0 to 6.9 kPa for Tamarisk and from 0 to 14.2 kPa for Russian-olive. Average root-reinforcement values over the entire bank profile were 2.5 and 3.2 kPa for Tamarisk and Russian-olive, respectively. The implications...
The 1935 images were obtained as digitally scanned versions of aerial photographs acquired by the U.S. Department of Agriculture at a scale of 1:31,680. The actual date of image acquisition is not known. The images were previously scanned at 600 dpi to produce a nominal pixel size of 1.28 m (Friedman et al., 2015). The images were registered and rectified using identifiable common points from the 1996 DOQQs. See description of positional accuracy below. Data derived from features mapped from the 1935 images were presented in: Friedman, J.M., Vincent, K.R., Griffin, E.R., Scott, M.L., Shafroth, P.B., and Auble, G.T., 2015, Processes of arroyo filling in northern New Mexico, USA, GSA Bulletin, 127(3/4), 621-640....

map background search result map search result map Destabilization of streambanks by removal of invasive species in Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona Lower Rio Puerco 1935 georeferenced aerial photographs Lower Rio Puerco 1935 georeferenced aerial photographs Destabilization of streambanks by removal of invasive species in Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona