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This dataset provides location information for the seismic reflection line CRmv across Crowleys Ridge in the New Madrid seismic zone, central US. The seismic reflection data are interpreted and discussed in the associated publication
This release provides the data and interpretations supporting evidence of late Quaternary faulting along Crowleys Ridge in the New Madrid seismic zone. The release includes location information for seismic reflection and airborne electromagnetic (AEM) data over Crowleys Ridge, a table of topographic metrics derived from analysis of the 10m National Elevation Dataset (NED) digital elevation model (DEM), a shapefile of scarps mapped on a 1m bare-earth lidar DEM, and a shapefile of a revised New Madrid seismic zone fault network interpretation. These datasets are associated with the publication: Thompson Jobe, J.A., Gold, R.D., Briggs, R.W., Williams, R.A., Stephenson, W.J., Delano, J.E., Shah, A.K., Minsley, B.J.,...

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