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The SRLCC provided funds to the states of Arizona and New Mexico to support development of the states Crucial Habitat Assessment Tools (CHATs) which provide a decision support system to better incorporate wildlife values, sensitive animals and plants, and important ecosystem features into land use decision-making to reduce conflicts and surprises.Several states have released wildlife mapping tools that are the foundation for displaying crucial wildlife and corridor information. The state and regional CHATs are non-regulatory, and give project planners and the general public access to credible scientific data on a broad scale for use in project analysis, siting and planning. This includes large-scale development...
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This dataset displays the sensitive plant species mapped on Crestridge Ecological Reserve during baseline surveys conducted by CBI and subcontractors in 2000. Refer to Appendices A.3 and A.4 of the Crestridge Ecological Reserve Habitat Management and Monitoring Plan (HMMP) (CBI 2009, Final Administrative Draft) for detailed information on species occurrences.This dataset was created on October 7th, 2013 by digitizing features off a paper map created by San Diego County Multiple Species Conservation program. Error is introduced by the process of translating data from hardcopy to digital format, so caution should be used when using these data in time series analysis. The total RMS error calculated when georeferencing...

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