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The Fisheries and Wildlife Resources Group combines the expertise of professional fisheries scientists, wildlife biologists, environmental regulatory specialists, and environmental chemists, to conduct a wide variety of multidisciplinary environmental field and laboratory studies concerning aquatic and terrestrial habitats, wildlife, water quality, and environmental impacts.
A major advancement in the use of radio telemetry has been the development of automated radio tracking systems (ARTS) which allow animal movements to be tracked continuously. A new ARTS approach is the use of a network of simple radio receivers (nodes) that collect radio signal strength (RSS) values from animal-borne radio transmitters. However, the use of RSS-based localization methods in wildlife tracking research is new and analytical approaches critical for determining high quality location data have lagged behind technological developments. This data release contains data used to test the application of analytical filters (signal strength, distance among nodes) to data from real and simulated node networks...

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